While Gaianauta is surrounded by copal smoke rising from the beautiful tree of light, the sacred smoke began to thicken and fully cover the tree with delicious smells, turning it into a beautiful crystal that connects the earth with the sky. Gaianauta slides slowly towards the ground from where the magnificent crystal sprang.

On the east side of the crystal a fox peeked out through one of the translucent walls observing by Gaianauta. She felt his presence and turned her head and they stared into each other's eyes. With a curious face the white-tipped fox telepathically tells Gaianauta to come with him. Without thinking she began to follow him on the path of quartz that transformed into flower buds as they arrived at the entrance of an immense Wild Forest. They were greeted by the wind with delicate and delicious aromas of flowers that flowed as they passed through a portal of giant sunflowers reaching a pond of crystal clear and pristine water that had its source in the central heart of the galaxy, the internal fire, the beating heart of the universal being.

Looking around Gaianauta, astonished, observed that a part of the pond was shining in a peculiar way, similar to obsidian reflecting light. The fox looked at her and asked if she wanted to know what was causing that reflection. They calmly headed towards that side of the water spring. Upon arrival Gaianauta began to see how the stones that allow the health of the earth had been transformed and replaced by rectangular objects with screens where she could see her face like in a black mirror. All devices under water, water that protected their activation. Curious she took it out of the water, in contact with the wind and turned on. In a series, photographs of human beings appeared with a hypnotized faces and a forgotten soul, all completely tied to profiles and virtual realities that separated them from their truth. A voice coming out of the device presented itself and told Gaianauta .- "That device that you hold now was part of the formation of many humans, some grew up with fathers and mothers who instead of holding with their hands and hugging their children while crying, they gave them this screen to stop it, replacing affection, human contact and emotional education. The attention was replaced by this object and by aging they would have terrible consequences. The children stopped playing in presence. The human race stopped looking into each others eyes, touching, crying face to face. Relationships were online. The communication of beings began to weaken. The online world completely disconnected them. That is why we keep these objects here, as a reminder that can reflect us the most vain of human existence in Gaia. The earth needs the laughter, the barefoot steps, the cries on it, the blood of the moon of each priestess is one of the greatest gifts to fertilize the earth.

The fox stopped for a moment and welcomed a giant ladybug, who approached Gaianauta and shared with them. ¨ At this time the health assistants insisted on keeping humans away from their natural strength to heal, millions of people were misled and wasted umbilical cords and placentas were thrown away in ignorance of the strong alchemy of health, balance and astral information they contain. They instilled fear of everything, of fertility, giving birth naturally, letting the body do all its work, because it is designed for it. Effortless forced births and painless systems became a trend. The young were weak. Women must trust that their body has the alchemy and power necessary for their breeding. The good management of these forces would change the course of the human race. What the body gives in return for and to produce life is priceless gold and not a waste "

A wise grandfather snail sunbathed while talking and joined saying .-

¨The screen device and its connection to the network was misunderstood of what is the true connection. A tool that became to be the most consumed drug in history regardless of age. Humans glorified their self-destruction through his disconnection from the processes, the real and meaningful interactions of living on this planet. The instant gratification of social networks, caused confusion and increased emotional weakness. Human relationships had been replaced by the devise. The capture of life was through this screen and no longer in full presence with the 7 senses.

The bombardment of information was hard and crying Gaianauta could not understand how humans were disconnected to become sleepwalkers in life. Now she understood the images that were shown to her when she lifted the device from the water. The fox looked at her and with a warm smile saying .- ¨ It is not everything that happened, as everything in the universe is in balance, there were also awakened beings who didn´t believe this reality and knew how to use the devise as a tool constructively. Come! ¨ And so they went to a circle created by 4 doors around a central door. Around several trees, flowers and cactus protected this space that vibrated strongly, drums, rattles and songs arose from all sides. The fox said to her .- "Breathe, savor every second, because it is unrepeatable, Mama Gaia is our best teacher, she rejoices in life no matter what happens. The knowledge that shares and gives us this ancestral wisdom, the one that always awaits us, always present. Living the ancestral wisdom is what brings us back to empowerment. Knowing how to integrate will save the earth and reconnect the beings that inhabit her. To walk barefoot is to print yourself in the earth, it is the unique seal and the code with which our mother recognizes us. In these times circles woven to this circle and central wheel are the doors to the universal truths. The tribes recognized each other as one and met to pray for humanity, to awaken to virtual falsehood, falsehood of mental reality formed by fear. In this time Gaianauta, where the screen apparatus, social networks and the misuse of power plants had threatened the earth, tribes gathered to balance self-destruction and the illusion of separation. Grandparents are our guides ... warriors truly formed recovering the ancestral memory. The Gaianautas were reconnected honoring the spirits, magic and power of each being that is Gaia and themselves, in body, mind and spirit. As an agreement they always remembered that POWER comes from : Attention + Intention + Action = Reality and every one choose where to invest our self-power. Live in balance returning to the earth what it gives to you, to us. The reason why we are here, you and I, is for guarding the REWILDING process.